QuickBooks remote access is a secure service that permits you to access and work on everything on your pc from other pc with an internet connection. QuickBooks remote access empowers you to rapidly and easily access your QuickBooks,email,and other programs and documents from anywhere,anytime.

With QuickBooks Remote Access you can:

Transfer a file, or a whole folder, between computers.
Copy and Paste between remote and local PCs.
Easily print documents from your remote PC to a local printer.
QuickBooks Remote Access is available in two versions: full desktop access for $7.95/month or QuickBooks data access only for $3.95/month.

Setting up your QuickBooks Remote Access is easy and automated: you’re ready to go in three easy steps:

Sign up for an account.
Download and install the software on the computer(s) you want to access. You can email your clients an invitation to set up their computer online to allow remote access–no need to travel to their office!

What versions of QuickBooks work with QuickBooks Remote Access?

QuickBooks Remote Access is available only for QuickBooks software for PCs running Windows 95, 98, ME (Millennium Edition), XP, 2000, NT, or Vista. QuickBooks Remote Access does not work with QuickBooks: Pro for Mac. It also does not work with QuickBooks: Online Edition, which provides remote access functionality for up to 20 users without the need for QuickBooks Remote Access.

Better ways to remotly access your QuickBooks:-

We’ll begin our discussion of remote access under the simplest of scenarios – you are the only
user of your QuickBooks data.
In this scenario, your QuickBooks data is stored on the computer at the shop/office and you need
to get into it from your home office or from out on the road via your laptop. Or maybe your
bookkeeper needs to get into your QuickBooks data from their office.

Three Methods for Remote QuickBooks Access

QuickBooks is one of the most popular accounting packages for small business. But, people who are in charge of keeping the books do not want to always be tied to a computer working on their financials. Therefore, there are some remote access alternatives they should be aware of. This article will highlight some of the best methods for accessing QuickBooks remotely so you can work from anywhere.

  1. QuickBooks Online. Intuit actually offers a service online where you can access your company financials from anywhere. This is a hosted solution that you will pay a monthly fee for to Intuit. Also, all of your company data will be stored up in the cloud. The upside is your data will be accessible from anywhere and will be properly backed up and maintained. The downside is the access will rely on Internet connections between Intuit and wherever you are. Furthermore, some people may not feel comfortable about their data being stored in the cloud.
  2. Remote desktop solution. Many people have implemented a remote desktop solution when it comes to Quickbooks. They will install the software on a server or computer in their office. Then they will configure the local firewall to filter traffic to the server when accessed from the outside. This is good because it gives you access to your data from anywhere. Furthermore, the data stays within your environment. However, you will need to make sure you have a good back up plan. Also, if the Internet connection between your location and the business is down then you will not be able to access the data. However, as a backup you can still go onsite to access your files.
  3. Hosted solution would combine the best of both worlds. In this scenario, you would lease server space from a company. Then you would install Quickbooks on that server and copy your company file to it. Again, you would need to have a reliable Internet connection and the place you hosted with would also need a reliable Internet connection. If either of these went down you would lose access to the server. Ideally, the place you host with would also be backing up your files so you do not have to worry about that. The downside is that you will have to pay a monthly fee for this. But, you will have more control over your data.

As you can see there are multiple ways you can configure Quickbooks for remote access. This will give you the ability to access your files from anywhere that has an Internet connection. Then you do not have to be tied to a desktop all the time simply because your Quickbooks files are installed there.