QuickBooks is providing platform for user to quick access and manage account details.It can be access by computer Mac or Window,tablet mobile phone.

For QuickBooks Mac Update

Users of QuickBooks for Mac are discouraged from applying the most recent software update. Upon applying said update, users are experiencing a glitch that states “not enough free disk space.” If the users clicks OK, then all desktop files are erased. If you find yourself in this position, you must force quit QuickBooks to avoid deletion of your desktop files.

If you have QuickBooks and have not yet updated, hold off until a fix is implemented.

The “update” at the root of this issue has not been issued by Intuit, the recommended course of action for all QuickBooks 2006 and 2007 users is to run the terminal command as detailed at the bottom of this post. This will turn off all automatic updates and prevent whatever this is from installing on your system. Furthermore, at this point in time, I tend to agree with Tan grams, the user who first reported this issue in both the Apple and Intuit forums, that the best course of action for QuickBooks for Mac users is to not launch the program at all until this mess is sorted out.

Intuit’s QuickBooks users of installing the most recent update, without proper back-ups – especially if you typically store lots of important files on the desktop. It appears that in the latest automatic QuickBooks update, the updater is coming up with a “not enough free space” message (regardless if enough free space actually exists – and keep in mind, this appears to be a 100K update), if the user then clicks “OK” – the result is that any documents, files or folders that were stored on the desktop are then deleted – and as of right now, no simple recovery method appears to exist.If it not done call our QuickBooks support number 1866 828 2253.