QuickBooks is a financial management solution,That was initially created for small business owners who had no formal training.In no time, it has gained over 85 percent of small business software market.

However it’s become so popular that is also used by not just small business but large corporations even nonprofits such as

Churches some of the benefits of using QuickBooks accounting software for business are as follows:

  1. Free up your time
  2.  Better cash flow management
  3.  Ease of reporting


Free Up Your Time :- Accounting need no longer take up large amounts of valuable time. This is especially important to the small business person who must allot time for each of the many hats he or she wears.

Better Cash Flow Management :- Financial Management can be done in Real-time.This provides flexibility that business relying on ink and paper accounting do not have.

Ease of reporting :-The Ability to Generate Reports, as they are needed,enables you to better manage the income and

The QuickBooks users interface also known as QuickBooks homepage is broken into five work section known as panels.

  • Vendors
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Company
  • Banking

Vendors-Which lets you manage vendor activity and relationships this is where you buy and pay for the goods and/or you received from other companies it’s here where you can create fine and review vendor records.

Customers-The Customer section this allows you to create invoices sales receipts and store or manage customer records among several other great features.

Employees-This Section you can manage employees and your payroll including setting up paychecks even manage payroll taxes.

Company-The company section lets you quickly create a chart of accounts to better manage all of you income and expenses.

Banking-Which show that QuickBooks is much more than a fancy register you can perform several banking tasks including checking managed loans and reconciling your bank accounts.

I do want to point out that some very professional-looking reports can be generated from each of the service panels the ability  to create reports helps you better manage your business finances like a pro.

What can I do with QuickBooks?

Well one of the things you can do with QuickBooks is,

  1. keep Track of and manage Invoices,
  2. Manage Income and Expenses,
  3. Manage your vendor Activity and Relationships,
  4. Create Financial reports that show the health of your business